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This blog has been created in order to update the viewers of our site Religions Around with more information of the religions mentioned on the website. As we have always acknowledged that the topic is so vast that it is not possible for one work to give you all the details so we created this blog in order to update our viewers with any new information that comes to our knowledge. Hope that it becomes a tool for all who want to learn about Indian Religions. We welcome all to send us the information they have on these religions, if there information is considered useful we will publish it on our blog with credentials to them. Thank you.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Dear Readers we take this opportunity to welcome you to our Blog. As the name suggests this blog is about the world religions and is in continuation of our endeavor to provide information on this topic. As we have mentioned about our website Religion Around through this Blog we would like to provide you with more information we receive. As you understand and would agree that this is a vast subject and no single work can cover everything. Keeping in mind our viewers we have presented a brief overview of six major religions of which India is the birth place for four namely Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism and the other two Islam and Christianity are also followed by a considerable percentage of the population through our website. We would also like to point out that every religion by itself is a vast topic and covering everything related to a particular religion is also not possible, therefore through this blog we will try to cover as much as possible and would also try to cover more religions. We also encourage you to send us any information that you think will be helpful, use the contact form to reach us.